What makes a Decent Hosting Service?

What makes a Decent Hosting Service?

For any website or blog owner, the choice of a hosting service provider is a number-one priority. An Internet web hosting service issuer provides domain names, tools and services, without which is would not be possible to run a website. It is an organization addressed by individuals and large corporations, who trust these services to operate their websites.

There are Internet hosts galore in the world today. Choosing one can be difficult, because not all of them justify website owners’ expectations. Fortunately, there are resources, which track Internet hosts’ activities, gather information about them and share it with users. Thus they facilitate users’ search for a conscientious and trustworthy hosting organization.

What to look at when choosing a hosting service

No matter how great your resource is, a bad hosting service can let one down pretty much. There are several important criteria of choice, such as:

Speed. Users like it when it takes less than a second for a page to open. Few users will wait for more than 10 seconds without looking elsewhere. Site speed is a traffic maker!

Uptime. This is time when a website is operational and therefore available. Every minute a site is offline its owner loses traffic and conversion rate, because he/she actually loses clientele. It is highly advisable to choose a service showing uptime as close to 100% as possible.

Other criteria depend on website owners’ status, budget and goals. Hosting services offer plans, which some users can find attractive.


Top 5 internet hosting service providers

SiteValley is a one that strives to make its clients happy. It offers inexpensive Newbie Hosting and Shared Hosting plans for beginners, individuals and small businesses for $2.45 and $4.95 per month respectively. VPS and Dedicated Servers are a little more highly priced, but still very affordable for respective categories of users. The company provides good bandwidth, and there is minimal downtime.


Mochahost is a popular hosting service, which offers a range of affordable plans, domain names (.com, .co, .net, .info, etc.), types of servers, online marketing tools, attractive WordPress packages, hosting applications, and many more. Thanks to extensive technical support and quick tickets, users can solve issues in less than no time, as the service will respond almost instantly.


Resellers Panel is a reputable company offering a variety of hosting (cloud, reseller, VPS). Besides, it offers more than 50 domain names at $50. The service boasts high speed and uptime largely thanks to the use of its own custom-built platform. Hosting plans are affordable and simple. Simplicity seems to be the company’s credo, as it strives to make it very easy for website owners to set up their resources. Many users say it is nearly like starting a Facebook account.


Jaguar PC has been operating since 1998 and has come quite a way toward reaching its current status. The company offers web, cloud, reseller hosting at $2.72+  and dedicated servers at $69 per month. Users favor it for quick response, 24/7 tech support, safety of data, free hosting plan transfer, 30-day money back guarantee and 100% uptime.


UKCheapest is a reputable web hosting provider and domain registrar, and it offers attractive plans. Also, it provides cheap email hosting plans for those who have not built a website yet or simply don’t need to. Email hosting is very affordable even for professionals (£2.95). Full web hosting is not quite so extortionate either ranging from £1.95 (Budget) to £14.95 (Reseller).

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