Removing an email from users mailboxes

Email Problem:

An email has arrived in a user inbox that needs to be removed (in my experience these are usually virus / spam related).  In most cases these emails are sent to individuals but there are cases when they are sent to a distribution group.  There are many reasons why you would need to recall or remove an email within the company and to list them al would make this post very long.

Current environment:

Server is running Exchange 2010 and the users are running Outlook 2013.

Removing the email from a user mailbox:

Firstly, you need to identify the exact subject of the email.  Using the script below, you can either check all mailboxes (which if you work in a large company can be time consuming) or if the email was sent to a distribution group you can run the one line script below – change the distribution list name and the subject line to the required data and run the script below.

If you want to run this on a large base of users using the following, you may want to run a few tests first:

Please note the single and double quotes regarding the SearchQuery –  (single quote)Subject:(double quote)Whatever the subject is(double quote)(single quote)

The only issue I have encountered is that it took 4 minutes (waiting for the next sync) for my test emails to be removed from the inbox.

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