Removing the spaces in your file name using PowerShell

I was recently working on some import-csv commands and scripts that required data from multiple sources.  As I have no control over how other people name their files (some uses spaces) I needed to ensure that the file names in certain folders have no spaces.  Its nicer to have files with no spaces in the name.  I’m old fashioned.

So below is a little command I can add before the core of my scripts kick off

As you can see from above I have defined my $path – this is the full path to the folder I want to work on.

The Get-ChildItem command is used to get a list of all the items in my $path.

If I only want to change file names then I use the -File option.  If I wanted to remove the spaces on all items, including Directory names I would remove the -File option.  ** Renaming folder names can cause major headaches – be careful **

Another option is to add the -Recurse this will drill down and rename all files in all subfolders also and it would look like this.


    1. Sorry for the delay in getting to this. Yes, you are correct and I have updated the page to reflect your correction. Thank you.

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