SEP client definitions not reporting in SEPM


Over the past few weeks I have been looking at my SEP clients’ definitions on my SEPM server.  I noticed that one server was reporting that no definitions were installed.  After logging onto the server in question I could see that definitions were indeed up to date but the client wasn’t reporting back to the SEPM.  From the client system I tried t stop and restart the Symantec Management Console   ‘smc.exe -stop’ but this failed to stop the process.


  • SEPM reporting definition not installed
  • Client definitions up to date but cannot stop SMC using ‘smc.exe -stop’
  • Restarting the server doesn’t fix the issue


Download the latest virus definitions from the Symantec website.  Run the update on the client, even though the definitions are up to date – this will fix the issue of reporting back to the SEPM server.  When the update is successful, stop SMC using ‘smc.exe -stop’.  Check that the service has indeed stopped (don’t worry if it is in a stopping state, be patient).  When it has completely stopped, start the SMC again on the client by running ‘smc.exe -start’

Now go back to your SEPM admin console and confirm that correct definitions are reporting back from the client.

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